How often should I have a Reiki treatment?

Everyone’s body and life issues are unique. Your body is your connection to the life force energy so listening to your body and observing how you are feeling are both good indicators as to when you should have your next treatment. Treatments can be experienced every day, every week, every month, every year, and any time in between. Generally, if you are feeling out of balance, stressed or tense, experiencing any kind of lack or low energy, or wanting to gain some clarity about a deeper self healing issue, it would be a good time to schedule a Reiki session.


What should I expect after a Reiki treatment?

The Reiki experience is different for everyone because people seek Reiki  for a variety of reasons and are at different stages in their healing. Often times a sense of relaxation, peace, and brightness is gained after a session. Sometimes a deep shift or cleansing process may occur. During a cleansing you may experience temporary physical manifestations or emotional releases. Although these symptoms might be uncomfortable, it is all part of the natural healing process of your body removing imbalances and getting back into alignment. A clearing or shift is generally viewed as a positive experience because it is a sign that your body is supporting your own self healing. Increased mental clarity about an issue that has been concerning you can also occur after a treatment. This usually is an important step towards your self discovery and self empowerment.


Is there anything I can do to assist the flow of Reiki after a treatment?

It is recommended that you increase your water intake for 24-48 hours following a Reiki treatment to help with the clearing and detox process. If you experience exhaustion several hours after a session, I usually recommend a body scrub of a mixture of one half sea salt and one half baking soda. Journaling is also recommended to address emotional insights as well as to set goals for moving forward in self knowledge and self healing.


Is there anything I can do to prepare for a Reiki Treatment?

You should come to a Reiki session with a general idea of what might be out of balance in your life on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level and an honest intention to work towards self healing. You should be open and receptive to the harmonious flow of Reiki life force energy without any expectations about how it should work for you. Because you will be lying or sitting still for at least an hour, it is advised that you wear comfortable clothing and not have an empty stomach. It is important that you arrive on time and leave extra time after the appointment for any questions that might arise.