Personal Reiki Session


Having a Reiki session is a total mind/body/spirit experience that is often hard to describe in words. After a Reiki session I often hear-”wow” or “what was that” or “what just happened” or” I feel so relaxed” or “can I come back tomorrow”. Many times experiencing a Reiki session is simply beyond words.

When you arrive for a Reiki session, we will spend a few minutes conversing before we begin the treatment. A typical session lasts one hour. Removing your shoes, glasses and any bulky jewelry, you will be guided to lie flat on a massage table where you will be positioned comfortably. The Reiki treatment begins when you set an intention to be open and receptive to the harmonious flow of energy. Your willingness to be open and my ability to be a conduit for the flow of energy is the essence of a Reiki treatment. I will gently place my hands directly on your body or if you prefer, slightly above your body and the Reiki energy, which is rooted in love and is spiritually guided, will begin to flow.

Relaxation of body and mind usually occurs within minutes of the start of the session. As the body and mind relaxes, energy continues to move throughout and around your body affecting your being at all four levels- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The flow of Reiki energy works to restore balance and promote healing and activates the body’s own innate healing abilities. From this calm but energized place the body takes the amount of energy it requires guided by it’s own wisdom and the intelligence of the Reiki. There is no manipulation of energy by me nor am I looking inside you and judging the process. I am simply holding the space for the energy to flow. Throughout the session my hands will move down your body from head to feet. Your body will continue to draw the energy and take it to wherever it is needed. You are always in control of the session and in charge of your own healing. The wisdom of your body knows what it needs and wants.

Reiki is not a cure for disease or a substitute for medical care. Working with Reiki energy always brings balance to our bodies and our lives. It will assist you in relieving stress and anxiety, put you in a calm and peaceful state, sharpen your mental clarity, connect you to your Inner Healer/Higher Self, and increase your overall wellbeing. In this crazy, fast paced world that we live in, I believe we are all working on healing some facet of ourselves. You don’t need to have a physical problem before you seek out the beautiful gift of Reiki. Keeping the life force energy flowing freely will assure that our lives are full with purpose, our bodies are working at their optimal levels, our relationships are loving and nourishing, and our emotions and mental attitudes are healthy and supportive. The best way to understand the powerful gift of Reiki is to experience it! Schedule your session today!

Personal Reiki Session: $75

Reiki sessions are performed at: The Yoga Room, Kissel Hill Commons, 620 Paxton Place, Suite 111, Lititz, PA 17543
Other venues can also be discussed
For more information or to schedule an appointment call JoAnn at 717-317-0970